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Highway 93 Begins with Motorcycle Sidecars

After a day that was mostly getting the flat tire replaced, a pub lunch and our hurried trip north on Icefield Parkway (June 17), we were ready to head south on the route that inspired Jasper, Alberta for this Father’s Day adventure. Highway 93 runs from Jasper to the Mexican border, through a vast array of landscapes. This year, we made it from Jasper to Kalispell. In 2015, we currently expect another lag of the trip. At the rate we travel, it may take three to four years to see all of Highway 93, if we actually make it. Until this point, the 2014 trip was an interesting way to reach our starting point. The reasons have to do with airline schedules and my interest in seeing this route to Jasper.

We began southbound on Icefield Parkway, with time for stops. Soon, we took a turn for a closer view of the Athabasca River, where we met five or six motorcycles with sidecars. Our reaction was wishing for a chance to shoot pictures. When this road turned away from the river we returned to a picnic area on the river. The motorcycles were there. It turns out they were not some kind of club, as we imagined. They were a Jasper tourist attraction. Guys in their 40s or 50s drove, carrying two tourists each – aging couples in this case. They were resting, before their return to Jasper on the road that might have been the “old highway” into Jasper. We talked long enough to get a sense for their “mission.” That ride was probably expensive. When they were climbing into and onto the machines, we headed to setup for their departure. We got our chance for the shots we wanted earlier.
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Highway 93 Begins with Motorcycle Sidecars