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When we got to the hotel after the flat, I spent some phone time with Hertz talking about the flat tire. The news I got that evening was that we could go to the Hertz place in Banff to swap vehicles, if they had a “U.S. car” we could leave at Kalispell. The Hertz place in Banff was closed. Arrangements would be made the next morning. When I called back, I found that there was not a U.S. car and the Hertz franchise in Kalispell would not arrange for a new tire. I had not bought the coverage. It turns out; the tire size was nowhere to be found in Canmore or Banff. That was maybe six calls. Finally, we found the tire at a dealer in Calgary – an hour away.

I had thought I might want to see Calgary, but we had decided there were better things to do. So, now we would see it. We found the place after first going to another franchise of the same brand. This guy was funny, but he expected the wait to be about 4 hours. It was about noon. He suggested good “pub food” at Original Joe’s. It was a very interesting experience – maybe Scottish or Irish food. The recommended beer was excellent and the pub atmosphere was fun. I took pub pictures to remember. We walked through the nearby mall, I bought a lens pen and the call came that the car was ready about an hour sooner than expected.

Now it was around 3 PM and we had a four hour drive to Jasper in front of us. That flat tire changed our plans for a whole day, not to mention about $300 Canadian (More like $285 U.S.). We drove though some beautiful scenery without stopping much and had a good dinner in Jasper. Oh yes, there was also the speeding ticket on the Trans Canadian Highway. After that, we figured out how to program the car for metric information on the dash.
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