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Red Rock Canyon in Waterton Park

When I saw the sign for Red Rock Canyon, I remembered places like Nevada’s Valley of Fire and Sedona, Arizona’s Red Rock State Park. It turns out that the Waterton Park Red Rock Canyon is more like a single slot canyon. The area is beautiful, with a loop trail around the interesting part of the canyon, with bridges at both ends. The image here is into the narrow part of the canyon.

Sometime between leaving Cameron Lake (or around the time we were at Prince of Wales Hotel) the drizzly rain essentially stopped. Clouds were less dense when we were at Red Rock Canyon. It is interesting that many people throughout the trip reacted with concerns that rain they heard about had harmed our Waterton experience. Except for a few occasions, we had hardly changed what we were doing because of the rain. Our pictures just captured what we experienced, including the textured cloudy skies. I didn’t detect that the rain weakened our experience. All the while, our conversation carried on.
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Red Rock Canyon in Waterton Park